The Open,
Social Web

Because you deserve a better way to share your thoughts.

RSS + Social + Beautiful Writing.

Designed for the best and brightest

We've redesigned the social experience to help surface brilliance.

Dive Dock is gorgeous. Astonishingly fast. And embraces both the open web and the features that you expect from a modern social network.

Dive Dock is built on the premise that writing should be easy and joyful. That you should be able to share your thoughts - anywhere and anytime. And that it should be simple to follow the work of those you admire.

Our goal is to help you be smarter and more informed. Every day.

Minimalist Beauty

By design

We believe that you deserve to work with beautiful things that are designed to make your life easier.

On average, we all spend 2 hours on social media every day, which translates to a total of 5 years and 4 months spent over a lifetime.

This time - your time by choice - should be filled with delight. That's why we've agonized over every detail and why we're obsessively focused on minimizing distraction.


But in a good way

Reducing the hubris and anger that other sites seem to foster is a primary focus of the platform. Our goal is to create a social experience that is egalitarian in nature.

Dive Dock resists ego by keeping follower counts private. Comments are shared only with the author to discourage artiface and bravado. And spam and other acts of promotion are kept to a minimum by eschewing broadcasts of activity.

Now that's progress.

Astonishingly Fast

100ms or less

The applications you use to work, read, and write should never interrupt your flow of thought.

Usability expert, Jakob Nielsen popularized the concept that one-tenth of a second is the limit for a system to feel like it's reacting instantaneously. That's why we've taken the care to ruthlessly optimize every interaction -- so that you can focus on what's important.

Experience reading and writing that's blazingly fast.

Open and Portable

Avoid lock-in

We built Dive Dock on the basis of trust.

Trust that you can take your words and thoughts with you. Trust that you can easily share your work to Twitter, your own blog, or many places at once. Trust that you won't be locked in to just one place or site.

To that end, we make the use of technologies such as RSS and JsonFeed to help you easily share and move your content -- wherever and whenever you want.

Dive Dock
Hand-crafted by Ron Lancaster